• UC Davis Bioinformatics Core Prerequisite Workshop 2019

    I was a Teaching Assistant for the UC Davis Bioinformatics Core’s Prerequisite workshop. Thanks to the wonderful people at the Core for allowing me to be apart of this effective program and gorge myself on all the free food provided.

  • Northern California Computational Biology Symposium 2019

    I attended the 2019 Northern California Computational Biology Symposium hosted at UC Davis. Discussing my research on strawberry transcriptomics with my peers as well as hearing from graduate and undergraduate students about their work was a fun and memorable experience!

  • Nord Lab Repository Website

    Taking a short break from Bioinformatics, I built a website for the Nord Neurogenomics Lab showcasing their publications and Github repositories! Be sure to check out the site as well as the amazing work that is done in this lab!

  • UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 2019

    Investigating the generation of diversity in somatic compatibility by single nucleotide mutations in Fusarium circinatum. Given on April 27, 2019, at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference.

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